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What is Sukh Samriddhi | Vastu for Prosperity



It has been noticed that happiness and financial profits bloom while living in the small house. But the debt has been increasing incredibly after shifting to the big house. Although inflow of cash has been enhancing yet the expenditure and the debt are not going to stop. “Vastu for sukh samridhi” instructs its reasons:

  • If stairs, toilet or heavy machinery have been built in the north corner of the house which is considered as “money” as well as “water” zone according to “Vastu for sukh samridhi” then this vastu shortcoming will put heavy load of debt on you.
  • The best location of kitchen is southeast as per “Vastu for sukh samridhi” but building it in northwest can bring financial loss and raises health related problems for the female who works in the kitchen.
  • Remedy to eradicate drawbacks of locating kitchen in the northeast, southwest and center is to fix mirror on the east or north wall. Pyramid can also be used as per “Vastu for sukh samridhi”.