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What is Diabetes



We all have heard about Diabetes. We know it's a killer. We know that it's a progressive disease but we don't know is that diabetes is reversible. You don't believe me? Well, You have to because amongst us we have India's leading lifestyle doctor and famous diabetologist 'Dr. Gaurav Sharma' who has, indeed, brooded to the world numerous success stories that diabetes is indeed reversible. What is diabetes? What kind of disease it is? Well, most of the people think that diabetes is a disease of sugar; blood sugar level increases which doctors do not communicate. They do not educate the patients that diabetes is about the insulin resistance. I can explain it in a very simple way that there are lots of people who eat lots of sweets. But they never become diabetics because their insulin is capable of not letting the blood sugar level  rise rather allow it to go into the cells where the cells can actually extract the energy which happens to enter into mitochondria of the cells and those people who have diabetes. There are few people who say "i just inhaled airdrink thus, i became a diabetic ?" Those people who take simple carbohydrates, like roti or rice. Lots of people do question me we thought roti or rice would complex carbohydrates. It's not any more in this world. I would be 50 years back, may be yes. Fiber contents were high. The hybridization through different processes, happened in this world, have made it totally different now. For example, the wheat we are consuming right now is hexaglot and it has aroud 42 pairs of chromosomes. Now, 100 years back, the wheat was diglot having twelve pairs of chromosomes. It's been totally changed now. The content of fibre has come down. Content of flaw is actually raised substantially. Obviously, that flaw is going to be converted into sugar. Have we understood if you take a simple flaw, which is a big different food is hiked.Even if we are talking about whole grain of wheat, it's totally different and another thing which is happening these days lots of people have become, because of this hybridizations of the wheat, that they have become very sensitive. Some people are allergic to wheat. 2 % are actually having the salient disease which is total intolerence of wheat. Around one-third population of the world can not tolerate wheat today which is become a huge problem. What is diabetes? Diabetes is insulin resistance leading to high blood sugar levels which in the process causes damage to orgnas if it is not controlled, even may lead to death. But diabetes is also like a two edged sword. For example, if your blood sugar level are very high, you end up dying or having complications because of high blood sugar levels. But if your levels are low, even go into hypoglycemia, there you have a chance of actually dying because of the low blood sugar level because the sugar levels do not reach the brain. Even the protons are not produced during the time that help the person to survive and provide the important glucose for the brain for function. These are not the extreme symptoms but the two edges of the  sword, i would say. So, if you have to walk on the very narrow area.That's why we talk about Diabetes-Education of how dangerous and deadly disease. The problem is, in diabetes, we do not get early symptoms. When the levels increase and they go around 200-250, in some cases we have 300, people complain about excessive thirst. They complain about increase in appetite. But they only see they are loosing weight and they have excessive urination. And apart from that, those people would complain about crawling hands; in their feet, they see that their wounds are not healing; they see that they look lethargic; they have heaviness in their body and they can not function properly and they get depressed. These are the things happen when the levels are pretty high and the person is compelled to go to a doctor and that's why they are checked by the doctor and the person is found to be a diabetic. But if you look at early symptoms is the excessive fat around the waist area. People who feel lethargic after meal, especially if they have high carbohydrate in meal so they would want to sleep; those people who have family history of diabetes, they need to be very careful about these things from there they are getting those symptoms. And the people who are not able to loose their weight from their waist. That means they do exercise etc. but things do not work out. They go for walk for longer period but the fat around the waist does not seem to melt or go. These are the things which point towards the diabetes development in future. The rate of diabetics is higher since it  can be attributed to prosperity these days; to the lifestyle the people are following; their disposable income and sedentary lifestyle; improper eating habits and genetics-all these things are very important. That's why Indians, in itself, have 50 genes where you have come along through famines and floodings. So, it could be drought or flood and there could be scarcity of food. So the bodies had great adaptive response that they would actually put on some fat during those good times. They would actually mend their ways to survive. But actually, we do not have such conditions now; we don't have drought, we don't have flooding, so food is in abundance, or like food stores do not get depleted.