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Vastu Tips to Buy House | Tips for Property Purchase



While purchasing a plot, its direction, size, earth, environment, dead end, t-point etc. have to be considered. If you are having some psychological problem, the reason can be a defect in north-east direction. For instance, it could be round, heavy, can have staircase, kitchen or toilet. While sleeping, the head should be in south direction and the legs should not be in north.

Even the colour scheme of the bedroom can be a reason for a person to be angry, tensed and irritated most of the time. Shoes, books and some other things should not be kept inside the bed. While sleeping, your reflection should not fall on the mirror. The mirror’s direction should also be correct.

Instead of keeping a water bottle, alarm clock or mobile phone near your head while sleeping, keep it on the floor or on the side table. Many people have bad dreams at night. For that they should put three coins under their pillow.