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Vastu Tips For Children Bedroom | Vaastu Tips



Since life span has so many junctions full of ups and downs so Vastu shastra has seperate provisions for different age-groups. Vaastu tips are separate for the children who belong to three age groups, i.e. childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

As per Vastu tips for children bedroom, the first age group includes the very small kids, i.e. infants or crawling babies, who sleep with their parents. As per vaastu guidelines, the colour of the bed-sheet should be bright or vibrant in shade or tint for such tiny-tots.

The next age group according to vastu tips for children bedroom comprises the school-goers. The following points are mentioned for your consideration:

  • Paintings- The paintings to be hung in the room of school-going kids, inspirational paintings should be there and they must be related to children’s psychology as vaastu adapts itself as per ambience or environment. A photo of goddess “Saraswati” with knowledgeable hymns should be put on the wall. So that, the frequent glance of those hymns would imbue religious effect on their mind.
  • Bed-sheet colour for females should be pink, purple, violet or any soft color that enable proper growth to be triggered.
  • According to the vastu norms, children ought to study while facing the east direction with determination.
  • Vaastu suggests that the study material and stationery should be purchased and not be borrowed since kids carry no authority to donate instead they are liable to earn the acknowledgement.
  • They don’t donate books in charity instead they ought to sell them at nominal rate as per vaastu shastra.

Vastu for children bedroom suggests the third age group consists of the youngsters who are doing higher studies such as MBA, IAS etc.

The ideal direction for placing their bed or study room is either north or northeast according to vaastu shastra.