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The renowned Vastu-expert and famous astrologer Mr. Naresh Singhal has suggested some important vastu tips. These are mentioned ahead:

  • As per vaastu guidelines, if you are unable to take any vastu consultant with you while reviewing the architectural analysis in order to buy a flat or a piece of land, you have to accompany an infant or a small kid with you at the site for inspection. If the kid would bust into tears and keep on crying or feel uncomfortable then that land willbe unsuitable for you to live there.
  • Vaastu suggests to kick out the junks or waste and useless items such as jammed lock, keys, mobile, fuse bulb or pen etc out of the house which are the signs of poverty that breeds irritation. Vastu shastra advocates leaking pipes, and hanging door hinges along with the aforementioned items create quarrel, tension and sadness in the home.
  • As per vastu tips, you ought not to gift items that can be ignited or produced heat producing items and the pointed or piercing items too in the marriage of the girl because she would face trouble and would remain in unpleasant gloom or sadness after marriage.
  • Mentioned in vaastu shastra, vastu tips” suggest that the frequent or continuous suffering from diseases reveal vastu related defect or short comings scattered in the kitchen.
  • As per vastu-shastra, a vastu tip advices you to donate blood if you get frequent injuries and be a philanthropist.