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Visit to 'Lord Shiva's temple' to offer water to 'Shivalinga' for settling the matter of love marriage or arrange marriage and don't make differences with family, especially with mother as per vastu predictions. Vastu tips for shifting home to native land from Canada or abroad is to get married with the girl belonging to India (native land) and hang a picture of mountain on your west or southwest wall.

Soak green lentils in water at night by the hands of your father, son, mother or wife excluding sister, father's sister or daughter.

Vastu suggests for keeping a feng-shui's mandarian duck, rose quartz (stone) and the picture of Radha-Krishna in your bed-room if your husband has been settled abroad and you smell something suspicious about his honesty. You can call his name while litting a candle in front of his photograph (in heart) for few minutes every day so that your memory will get evoked in his heart.