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Vastu for T-Point Plot | Tips for T-point Plot



A T-point plot should be in the north-east direction. It is good for all kinds of prosperity. If the T-point plot is in North then it gives monetary benefits.

If the plot is in east even then it is good but no other direction is good for T-point plots. North-west direction is extremely bad. West direction results in dullness and inactiveness. South-east direction is also bad as it results in theft, backaches to females, fire, migraine, etc.according to Vastu. 

In south direction, the males of the house can indulge in drinking alcohol or betting, etc. South west direction is extremely bad as it may result in the death or incurable disease like cancer or kidney failure of the head of the family as per Vastu shastra.

To know this problem, you must consult a vastu expert or spread a 4 inch yellow cloth at the entrance, in front of which pyramids have to be dug in the ground; the number of pyramids for every individual differs.