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Talking about vastu for commercial purposes like business, offices and factories, the offices should never be gou mukha and from south-west direction. If the offices are gou mukha from south-west direction 80% of them fail.

South facing offices of professionals like doctors, CA, Vastu consultant, coaching centre and education minister are not good. In case your office is south facing, you should put a white towel on your chair as per vastu. Also, you must keep only one pen (which should not be used by anybody else) for signing all your documents.

If your partnership is not working well then take two pyramids, black and white, paste your photograph on one and your partners’ photograph on the other. If you don’t have his photograph you can write his name on yellow paper and paste it on the pyramid as per vastu.

For doctors, management, etc under-ground tent should not be in south-west direction.

In a hospital, the operation-theatre should be in south direction. For operation-theatre north-east direction is not at all good.