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Vastu for Sleeping Direction | Vaastu Direction



Since Vastu-shastra is an ancient science of resurrecting architecture where human beings abide. Bed-room is the place where all of us recollect our lost energy and thereby, revivification  renders good health and healthy mind to the inhibitors while living in the house that would be constructed as per vastu directions and norms under supervision of a vastu expert. As per scripted vastu guidelines, “Vastu for sleeping direction” makes us aware that the most suitable direction for constructing our bed room is south.

In order to keep the negativity at bay and incarnating vigour in the ambiance where you sleep, you have to follow the vastu-directions as per vastu norms, especially interpreted as “Vastu for sleeping directions” in the book of vastu-shastra:

  • In case the foretold direction would not be available for locating bed-room then southwest or west direction provides better option for constructing a bed room according to vastu-guidelines.
  • Vastu-norms suggest that the head must be in south direction while sleeping or you can sleep with your legs in any direction except south.
  • The reflection of yours in mirror should not be resembled as it destructs positive aura and summons many diseases as per vastu-directions.