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Vastu for Buildings | Feng- Shui Tips



Basement in a south, south-west or south-east facing house results in problems. North-east, east and north are the three right directions for underground tank according to Vastu. In all other directions, it leads to problems.

In north-east, all the earned money goes into the drain. Also, the place becomes prone to fire and theft. In south-west, the head of the family faces problems. If the boring or the underground tank is in north then half of the defects (dosh) will finish.

North-east is a good direction for it while east will bring name and fame. North-east and south-west should not be cut. Over head tank should be in south, south-west or west. If it is kept in north-east, it leads to tension. If it is kept in north-west, then less opportunity will come your way.

All the feng shui items need to be considered before putting them in your home. For example, in wind chimes, the number of rods, the direction, the date of birth, element etc. have to be considered. If the house is north-east, north or east facing, metal wind chime can be hung. But it should not consist of four rods.

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