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Feng shui is not a part of vastu. Feng shui is an art of China just like vastu is of India. To remove vastu defects we use feng shui. Its objective is not the welfare of man. Feng shui is about two elements-wind and water. Yin and Yang; negative and positive energies are the two energies it talks about. Feng shui keeps a balance between the two energies. The common feng shui objects are wind chimes, laughing Buddha etc. For financial prosperity, fountain should be put. Those who do not live on the groung floor can put ready-made fountain which costs Rs. 2,000-4,000. Aquarium, photograph, golden temple of flowing water or tortoise can also be put. Golden temple is a symbol of richness and tortoise has the longest life. For good married life and romance; double happiness symbol, love birds (best if made of sandalwood) can be put on the south-west of the house or bedroom or the bedroom’s south-west wall. For long life of your partner you can put a tortoise or a deer. All these gadgets are to be put on the north wall. Lucky coins/ Chinese coins are used for saving money. They can be hanged on key rings, doors etc..