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As per vastu shastra, “Vastu for temple” illustrates difference between a temple and a worshipping place. A temple is situated at the distant area from the resident where sculptures or idols of the deities are enshrined in it whereas a worshipping place is established in the house where an image of the deity is also placed in order to worship and appease him. As per vastu guideline, the curtain of that worshipping place must neither be red nor be saffron in colour as it may cast inauspicious effect upon the inhibitors.

Mentioned in Vastu-shastra, “Vastu for career” suggests to Sujeet, a Delhiite, that more concentration ought to be paid on study and career. The doubling of digit 8 found in your date of birth depicts your dexterity and confidence imbued in personality. If 9 comes twice in the birth-date of yours then the quality of becoming a great athlete and energy would be there ensuring your bright future. May, 2011 may bring a great stride in your career or in your marital life as per analysis of your heavenly stars manifesting on the card as per vastu-shastra.

According to vastu-guidelines, “Vastu solution for prosperity” suggests that the “Brahmasthan” must not be damaged, distorted or any type of construction such as pillars or wall can penetrate sadness and gloom along with loss in trading-unit while dividing the property. So, vastu consultation is required by a vastu expert in such cases.