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It is not that every T-point at the entrance is bad. It is important to identify that it is in which direction. A t-point in north brings money. A t-point in northeast brings money and name. If a t-point is in east, it would increase your honour. A t-point in south-east is not good for kids and ladies of the house. A north-west t-point stops all the opportunities. A t-point in south is not good for young people. A t-point in west is also not good as all the members of the house get no rest. A t-point in south-west direction affects the head of the family, then the mother, father and sometimes the children are the reason for their problems and tensions. If the entire house is built according to vastu but there is a t-point in front of the house then all the vastu becomes useless. For that a ‘swastika’ or a ganpati or a convex mirror should be placed at the entrance of the house. This convex mirror would provide 50% immediate relief and would minimize the problems. You can put that mirror anytime and it is not too expensive.