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Modern lifestyle, conveniently available vehicles or transportation, continental and junk food have been playing significant role in accumulating fats inside human body. Pear shaped obesity indicates excessive accumulation of fats on hips and their surrounding area while apple shaped obesity points towards deposited fats around your tummy region. Our body weight is defined as per frame of our body. For instance, Normal framed body should have weight between 50 to 52 kg, small framed body should have 49 to 50 kg while large framed body should weigh approx. 52 to 53 kg. BMI (body mass index) helps us to know whether we are counted as over-weight, normal or underweight. It is  calculated by dividing our body\'s weight by exact height. Normal weighing people are those whose BMI falls between 18.5-24.5 whereas overweight people\'s BMI is measured between 25-29.5. Be active, self dependent and maintain proper meal chart for eating food.