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Mitochondrion is an engine that needs energy to run. There are crores of mitochondria in our body.

We need insulin for this. It acts like a key that injects the glucose in and mitochondrion extracts energy from it.  But there are so many glucose molecules which do not enter into the cell since insulin becomes weak. In order to compensate, our body supplies extra molecules for controlling the blood sugar level. Another work of it is to store the rejected fat around our belly or waist. Repeatedly, I inform that the enhancing circumference of the waist anticipates that the chances of getting diabetics will be more. Normally, 1 out of 10 will be a diabetic, it’s a fact. The study suggests if the circumference of the belly will be reduced then the risk factor of getting sick of diabetes will be less. And your diabetes will be reversed. Alongside, you will be free from the phobia of being a diabetic.

Host: If so would have happened and we keep the obesity at bay then the fear of becoming victim of this disease is averted.

Caller (Sunil):If we start taking medication for treating diabetes then the prescribed pills are to be taken throughout the life. Is it so?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Diabetes is a progressive disease which is a disease of insulin resistance. If you avoid medicine then your blood sugar level will increase and your organ will fail. Medicine saves your life. It’s not a bane but a boon. But as dependency on medicine increases as their number of pills increases and eventually, such people have to go on insulin. At certain stage, insulin, too, does not work and causes irreparable damage. The allopathic medicine saves your life. If you deny having it then you will be stepping closer to your death. So, it’s wrong to say that you are not taking it lifelong but you are getting prevented lifelong with this. This medicine is saving each and every day of your life. Since it fails the organ in long term thus, it is not recommended to diabetics. Thus, we recommend you to prefer lifestyle changes. Alongside, include nutrients and take support of herbs then reduce those allopathic pills. It is to inform to all diabetics that the deficiency of nutrients can let the heinous diabetes to grow up once again in future. Thus, it is recommended to all to take 1 or 2 capsules of ‘Diabetplus’ lifelong so that you will be in safe zone.

Caller I: Is it possible, doctor, to avoid medicines and stay away from this disease?

Doctor: First, tell me, how old is your disease?

Caller I: I came to know two or three months ago. 

Doctor: No problem is there. You ought to switch to lifestyle changes. Do some exercise and go for walk. Alongside, pay attention to your diet. If you take ‘Diabetplus’ then we avail you everything including exercise plan, diet chart, recipes and diabetes educator and consultation. But you have to take nutrients. If you want to take multi-vitamins then take the help of herbs since your own insulin is weak. Therefore, don’t remain in misconception that you don’t want to take any medicine. It is essential to take, at least, something since nutrients are not found in our food today due to deficiency in our soil. Hence, the scarcity of nutrients must be fulfilled. In case, it is not completed then diabetes will go on increasing gradually. Diabetes reversal is possible very easily within 3 months.

Host: Sometimes it happens that people come to know that we have become the victim of diabetes recently. So, it will be recovered quickly provided that we take medication and prohibit few things. But here, it is essential to inform the people that this is the very stage or point where you can rely upon ‘Diabetol’ or ‘Diabetplus’ and hence, help yourself to overcome the disaster.

Doctor Gaurav Sharma: The biggest question is to make the people understand since people are unfamiliar with the facts. I want to explain you if you confront infection in chest or stomach or brain then you can follow a course of antibiotics in order to cure it. Diabetes is not a contagious disease but a lifestyle disease. That means it is related to your metabolism so it cannot be cured. Thus, you have to fulfill the deficiency of nutrients for long time. Imagine, you have to repair so many holes for smooth surface of a skating ring or cricket ground regularly. Lifestyle disease is something for conquering; you have to work over it regularly. Infectious diseases, such as typhoid, are cured within 5 or 6 days. Therefore, it is not your helplessness to take medicine but a boon since it can save your life.

Host: What you have to do is to understand how to keep your diabetes under control. We inform you about lifestyle, Diabetall and Diabetplus. But if still you have confusion then you can consult the doctor.

Caller II: My blood sugar level used to remain between 150 and 200. But now, it has been calmed down to 120.

Doctor Gaurav Sharma: Since how long have you been a diabetic?

Caller II: It has been 2 and half year.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Are you taking oral hypoglycemic or allopathic pills? Since your blood sugar level has fallen to 120 then have you begun to cut oral hypoglycemic by ¼ portion? You have reached to that level now.

Caller II: No, I haven’t.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: You can talk to our consultants and as the result of your health condition is improving, you can cut the intake of oral hypoglycemic by ¼ parts. After consulting the matter, you can cut it down gradually. You have been reached to that level from where reversing diabetes, in real term, is talked about from our diabetes educator. Is there anything else you want to ask?

Caller II: Nothing, except the weakness.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: You would have noticed improvement in your weakness. Continue the prescription. You can get an appointment with me for meeting in person.

Host: You can dial the number flashing on the screen for fixing an appointment with doctor Sharma. If your city has large number of diabetics then you can invite Dr. Sharma to your place.  Since he is committed and hence, will help you for sure. As it is said that a thirsty searches for well but here, the well has come to you via TV. Stay connected through phone.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: The world has been changed. Mineral water is, even, supplied to people, though not via well but through bottles.

Host: Well, we have discussed that averting diabetes can reverse diabetes. Is ‘Liposuction’ one of the ways?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: We try to make ourselves fool via ‘Liposuction’. It is the way by which a vacuum sucks out the entire fat. Your skin sags there. Thence, you did tucking or surgery to fix it. But it is to consider that the elongated skin has not been come to its old shape yet. You have cut it but not fixed properly. It means that you have tried to make your body fool. Is it so? The designing of our insulin is capable of accumulating fats at the same place within 2 or 3 years. But the fats that deposits there will be patchy or consists of cellulite which looks like an orange peel. This kind of cellulite does not appear from outside but people get worried when they spot it. So, liposuction is going outdated at this point of time. People have come to know about it. In the direction of reducing weight, we are working on the herbs via which we will address all hormones, such as adiponectin, i.e. fat burning hormone, ghrelin hormone that sparkles appetite and lactin hormone which gives the feeling of fullness and insulin that is fat forming hormone. We found it essential to address them.

Host: There are so many people who are at the brink of ‘Obesity’ and are pretty much worried and eager to overcome this health problem. 

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: A research in American states that every 3rd person is either obese or over-weight. Addressing the obese patients is necessary. In future, it is presumed that every 3rd person will be obese.

Caller III: If I am on tour, then is it fine to go without your prescription?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Yes, it will be fine; however, it will not be very fine. We recommend you to have a slice of cottage cheese or paneer tikka, if you are non-vegan then chicken-tikka or tandoori chicken can be consumed. Along with, you would take salad and nuts, such as almonds, cashew nuts. Don’t remain starved for long time. You can gulp coconut water and buttermilk. Travelling, as work, is essential but remember, roti, rice and vegetables from outside should not be taken. Munch on salad and if clear soup of chicken and vegetable is available then you can have it. Definitely these things can be done and if 1 or 2 days may be missed then it is acceptable. If you restrict your blood sugar level to below 120 and your oral pills are cutting down slowly then one time, at least, go for having a hearty meal. The safe zone is 120 blood sugar levels but if it exceeds then it will be controlled very easily and the damage will be marginal by one hearty meal. The higher blood sugar level causes more damage to health. Have you taken ‘Diabetplus’?

Caller III: Yes, yes.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: What’s your blood sugar level now?

Caller III: It’s between 90 and 120 now. 

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: How was it earlier?

Caller III: It was around 140 or 190.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Your blood sugar level is very good. And your diabetes is not old. Is it so?

Caller III: Yes, it is 2 or 3-year old.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Any ways, I think, you should go for party once every weekend. Weren’t you taking allopathic medicines?

Caller III: No. I have stopped it.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Ok, have some hearty meal and enjoy your life. But monitor your blood sugar level regularly.

Host: You, too, can change your life as them. The positive change that they have witnessed, we wish the same for you.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: It’s very old.

Caller IV: I have been taking Diabetol for one and half months. It is not going to be adapted as per routine. I walk for one hour. Earlier, my blood sugar level was higher but now, it is calmed down to 120.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: 120 is a good level of sugar. One thing you can do also. Follow some prescribed exercises having completed walking for 20 minutes. The difference will be seen and alongside, this result is quite good. You should take Diabetall and reduce hypoglycemic pills. Take them twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.  When your sugar level will come down below 120 then cut down the dose of oral hypoglycemic to 2 gradually. Take the supplements with water instead of taking them with milk since it would be hazardous. If you want to know much deeper then you can meet me in my clinic for guidance.

When I open the result book, I feel nice. I just want to say there is no need to consume so many things if I have extracted herbal juice for you. I also want to convey not to walk more than one hour and do exercise not exceeding the prescribed time. It will be beneficial for you.

Host: Not only indigenous people but foreigners also call to us who have adopted these food supplements and they are feeling their effect also. But why don’t we get diabetplus or arthritplus on outside counters?  I will seek reply over it but after this call.

Caller III: I am captain G S Rawat from Uttarakhand. My wife has knee problem for 6 and half years and she has no other problem like sugar and diabetes as we have already undergone tests. There is no problem of uric acid and no deficiency of calcium also. As we have examined her in hospitals, the doctors have suggested for knee replacements. I saw your program. I thought that your food supplements will do some wonder for sure. Then, I began giving it to her. Now, 2 months have been passed and she has relief a bit. She can sit on chair easily now. We noticed some progress.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: The problem of your wife is very critical that was reached to knee replacement. That means her cartilage has been totally vanished. It’s really a very problem since you don’t want to replace the knee via operation. It’s great achievement that she got relief via food supplements. Alongside, I will suggest you to start cycling since her muscles will be strong and the knees will be de-loaded. Regeneration will be much better then. We will send you some exercises and give Soojeez also. Afterwards, her condition will be better and she will be able to do work better than before.

Host: Dr, we were talking about why we don’t get DrG wells products outside.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma:  Before this, I want to say you one thing. Some people make their condition worse to such extent that knee replacement is recommended to them. Such patients undergo cuts and implantation of metallic knee, many people complaint that it freezes and no relief in pain, then a patient has to undergo prehabilitaiton and rehabilitation. It’s very expensive and painful process. 4 to 6 lakhs are incurred on treatment and physiotherapy lasts for one month. Subsequent to it, your condition does not improve much. Still, you can’t sit on floor and your walking style turns into robotic. You knee does not bend completely. All these things can be avoided. Take action before. If you have problem in sitting, walking, going upstair and downstair then these are the signs pointing that your degeneration in increasing. Do 3 months course as an attack over arthritis. Now, you asked me why our products are not available off the counters.

When any product does well and is really good then people begin to copy it. And when it is sold in the market people don’t get benefit out of it. So, we don’t want people to suffer. Second, we discard mediators as retailers and wholesalers deduct their charges. Eventually, people have to bear the same cost. We want people to understand the diet plan and exercise plan properly and if you want to have discussion then you can talk to our team. If you don’t want to talk to them then you can send your email to which I look myself. If anybody will not help you then I will ensure you personally as I am very diplomatic in this regard. It is unacceptable for me that anybody gets exempted from recovery.