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Tips for Normal Delivery | Dusky Complexion | Lower Back Pain | Weight Gain



Happiness is a key to normal delievery and resume your daily chores such as mopping and eat fresh fruits, vegetables, chapatti and cereals with Ghee for normal delievery. Soak masoor dal in raw milk at night and grind it along with 2 or 3 straws of kesar and nutmeg (Jaifal). Add turmeric and besan into it. Apply this paste on your face till 1 month for getting fairness glow on your face. Lumber (lower back) and thigh pain shoots due to intake of such eatables that consume relatively more time for their digestion such as Rajma,Chhole,Kadi and Urad dal. Drink a glass of boiled paarijat leaves\' water and swallow methi seeds\' powder to cure such pain.Switch to high calorific food such as banana shake, ghee of cow\'s milk in milk and massage with til oil (sesame oil)daily to gain weight.Eat grinded mixture of 4 almond cloves, 2 Khajoors and 2 cardamom for inducing energy into the body. Apply the paste of masoor dal, milk and nutmeg(jaifal) on face for removing scars. Cure dry skin using almond or olive oil. Taadasan should be done and protein rich-diet such as curd, vegetables, fruits etc. should be eaten for gaining height.