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Thyroid | Causes of Thyroid | Naturopathy Tips



Thyroid has become a common disease now-a-days. It is  caused due to increase in the level of thyroxine that is produced by endocrine gland. It depicts deficiency of iodine in our body due to which our throat swells. If thyroxine is produced excessively then a patient grows fretful, feel angry,perspires excessively and underweight.Contrary to it, the patient feels lumber pain and becomes overweight due to lack of thyroxine production in the body. We should include raw fruits and vegetables in our daily diet along with morning walk and exercises in daily life. Kamalgatta, Singhada (water chestnut),makhane (dry fruit) and natural eatables should be part of our daily meal. Grind coriander leaves alone on Sil using Batta and eat it when your stomach is empty in the morning for regulating thyroxine in our body.