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Throat Mucus and Cough | Stones in Urine | Bleeding Piles | Post Delivery Precautions



Treat the root cause of a disease. Yellow or greenish sputum indicates microbial infection. Make powder of black peppar, fennel seeds and small peepri. Take it twice to cure cough.Consumption of eatables,those hike temperature of the body, hardens nutrients present in our body. As a result, our body urinates stones. Thus, avoid such eatables instead go for cooling food. Or, soak green coriander seeds and mishri in water at night. Drink that water after seiving it in the morning. Constipation is a prime reason of piles. Take as more fluid and semi-solid food as you can like poridge and khichdi. Boil 10 to 12 raisins in milk and drink it to control constipation. Swallow a spoon of white butter while your stomach is empty or burn the hair of a coconut to ashes and have its half spoon with water thrice a day for stopping bleeding in piles. Post-delievery, a mother should prohibit consumption of cold eatables, keep her exposed part covered, eat \'laddu of Gond\', massage with almond or til (sesame) oil for detoxifying her body  and take \'Dashmool Kaddha\' to remove  toxins from the body.