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Cavity, pyorrhea, spots on teeth and non-symmetrical teeth are some of the commonest tooth-related problems. Cavity is formed when left-over food decays between teeth due to action of bacteria.It causes severe pain and bad breathe. Pyorrhea is a medical term of bad-breathe that springs out of the mouth due  to secretion of blood and pus from our weak jaws. That blood and pus get mixed with eatables in our mouth and infect us with severe diseases. Tobacco intake is the root cause of spot formation on our teeth. Root canal treatment is implemented on such patients whose tooth has been decayed upto irreparable damage. Thus, root of the decayed tooth is cleaned first and then, healing is done by a dentist. Bleaching of teeth brings no threat to your health and teeth. Vitamin C, D and calcium rich diet should be included in daily diet for heathy teeth. Do exercise of teeth by eating quite hard eatables like chestnut, sugarcane etc. Massage your teeth and jaws with the mixture of mustard oil, salt and turmeric powder. Flossing with thread can help you to clean your teeth.