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Skin Problems | Tips for Oily Skin | Acne Problems | Blackheads



The outer covering of our body is known as \'Skin\'. It is categorized into three types, i.e. Normal, dry and oily. Oily skin is considered as the most gorgeous skin since it glimpses as radiant  and youthful for long time due to oil secretion. But such skin is more prone to acne also as when secreted oil comes in contact with environmental dust, it acquires the shape of pimples. Scratching makes it worse since the fluid inside gets spilled all over your skin and infects the disinfected part. Its marks can never be removed. Ultra violet rays of the sun cast their worse effect during 12 to 4 o\'clock. Therefore, apply SPF 50 to 100 before half an hour of stepping out so that sunsceen gets induced into the skin, carry umbrella, wear cap and cover the exposed part of your body outside. Blackheads can be removed by taking steam. Maintain clealiness, eat healthy food instead of fried food, drink enough water and exercise daily.