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Multiple Organ Failure | Diet Plan for Diabetics



Host: You will be surprised to know that 2 persons die at the interval of every 10 seconds just because they are hit by Diabetes. It’s really astounding as well as a grieving condition. If you want to know about Diabetes then stay tuned with Dr. Sharma who is India’s no. 1 lifestyle doctor and famous Diabetologist.

It’s actually shocking and I want to know if our life is as cheap as a disease can take our breath?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: If you recognize then it’s worthy but if not then it’s priceless.              

Host: When I look at the study then I think if our medical science has not yet progressed to such extent or people are still unaware that we can presume it and treat it before it’s too late.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Well, medical science has progressed a lot. It also wants to make people aware but their focus centers to cloths and food. They don’t have any provision for medicine in their budget. Along, if you talk about awareness, our people are great firefighters. They tend to extinguish fire. They do insurance for claiming treatment charges if they may fall ill. If they fall ill, they will go to hospital; take two or three pills and then resume their life while waiting for another hit of disease. Awareness and sensitization are the issues that ask if we can work on prevention. And the same people spend their money extravagantly on cloths, food and travel but they don’t have budget reserved for health. We can help only those who want to know and get aware. We are not charging but expecting to inform any needy who wants the information.

Host: Absolutely doctor. If this information will be dispatched to people then they will come to know what their problem is. If Diabetes is causing severe damage then to whom should we consider for rectification and how to do that? I have heard that multiple organ failure occurs due to Diabetes also.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Absolutely it happens due to Diabetes. A patient came to me for shaving his mother’s life as his father was undergoing multiple organ damage due to Diabetes. He was careless and did not go to doctor since he used to think that he did not need it. He was hospitalized because of Kidney Failure. He did not reach to dialysis and he died very young, I think, in 50s which is very tragic. This can be averted but only when you will have knowledge. The spark of Diabetes is not visible but keeps on inciting internally and you sprinkle petrol on it every day. One day that spark becomes fire that kills you. We will teach you how to extinguish that fire with the sprinkling of water slowly. Remember always that the spark of Diabetes does not put off but it can be settled down. Deficiency of nutrients and your wrong lifestyle will lead to heinous rise of Diabetes. So, you ought to be aware every time.  If you have a ray of hope then you ought to utilize it properly for becoming a better human being, a better father, mother or sister or leader.

Host: Doctor, I think, If we begin to teach something from the beginning then the child would be aware completely. Can we schedule the life of a child that he would follow the correct path? His/her parent should form an adequate diet plan that no problem may ever be faced.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: How can parents make the diet plan if they don’t know about it? That is the first question. Most of the people believe that they eat healthy. Why does cancer occur despite being a teetotaler? Why do we befall to the prey of evil things if we haven’t done anything wrong? I accept that karmic reasons would be there. If these problems occur then sorting out to them is also essential. But we can impart a lot to kids. If your child wants to become a champion then a strong and right foundation needs to be made.

Caller  I: I am Ramesh Khanna. I talked to you 4 months earlier. I am happy to talk to you since when I had a talk with you my blood sugar levels were 340. Today, my blood sugar level is testified as 140 in the test. I called you for giving thanks to you. I don’t have that much fear with Diabetes now as it is an incurable disease. If it has rolled down from 340 to 140 then sooner, it would be below 120.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Absolutely, you should continue it. It’s nice feeling to become able to aid you.

Caller  I: I am thankful for the recipes that you have given us after customizing them. Earlier, we used to eat boiled food since we didn’t know what to eat. Life seemed to be ended. Now, I eat tasty and healthy food.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Go ahead eating tasting food and share your experience with other people in the world and reduce one more diabetic from this world as we are doing every day.

Host: It’s very good that he has controlled his Diabetes just via your guidance. ‘Diabetall’ and ‘Diabetplus’ are the food supplements with the help of which he controlled it. You, too, can take benefits out of their narration since this is the only trick through which Diabetes can be controlled. Thus, I say to you frequently to call and consult with Dr. Gaurav Sharma.

Caller  II: My name is Ashish Kumar. I have been a diabetic for 12 years. My blood sugar levels are counted higher in morning while lower in the evening. As the evening proceeds, my blood sugar levels slip down to such extent that then I go unconscious.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: How much levels are counted at that time? Are they counted around 50 or 60?

Caller  II: Yes, they reach to nearby 50 or 60.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: See, these are very erratic and dangerous levels. It’s like walking on the blade as you fall on its either sides. You need to be cared. First, you have to talk to our Diabetes educator and add ‘Diabetplus’ and ‘Diabetall’.  If your blood sugar levels reach below 120 having consumed oral hypoglycemic drugs, you ought to cut down the dosage of those drugs at this stage. I think that you miss a meal, especially at dinner time. Your blood sugar levels fall down instantly due to drug. So, pay attention to your diet. Addition of Diabetplus and Diabetall will stop fluctuation of your blood sugar levels. They will stay stable  and become consistent. Gradually, step to reversal of Diabetes.

Caller  II: I am taking Orsolin R in the morning and Orsolin N in the evening. I follow the prescribed schedule of medication religiously. My doctor advised me to drop few doses of insulin. I don’t get the idea of how much should I cut it down.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: You are in insulin. Definitely, your condition is pointing to insulin. Which type of insulin you are taking-long, medium insulin?             

Caller  II: I take 16 units in the morning and 18 in the afternoon and 20 at night.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Are you taking the same kind of insulin?

Caller  II: No, no, I am taking the same kind of insulin, i.e. R and N.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Is it rapid or fast acting insulin?

Caller  II: I have to take meal ten minutes after taking insulin.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: You ought to reduce the dosage of insulin in the afternoon; keep following the same dosages in the evening and pay attention to the morning doses also. I will suggest you to check your blood sugar levels thrice a day and note them down. The best suggestion is to meet us for better guidance. If you won’t be able to meet then add ‘Diabetall’ and ‘Diabetplus’ which will induce consistency in your dosage. I am hopeful that we can reduce your insulin dosages slowly. You should know about the insulin that you inject, as one remains active for 12 hours and medium active works for 8 hours and the short active insulin works for 3 to 4 hours.  You have to meet me for stabilizing insulin and blood sugar levels and thence, reducing the dosage of insulin slowly as I can’t guide you properly on TV.     

Caller  II: Since I am dependent on insulin, is there any permanent solution of it?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Is your Diabetes of Type 1 or Type 2?

Caller  II: It’s type 1. I have been a diabetic for 20 years.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: I did not understand your question. As far as Type 1 is concerned, I can do just one help. We can help you to reduce the dosage of insulin and episodes of fluctuation in blood sugar levels can be ended. But research is still going on and I have to go for representing a paper in Chicago where we would talk about latest research. A research of oral insulin, inhaler, and sprayer insulin is under process. But this research will take time to come out. You have to keep your blood sugar levels in control until these researches would be launched.

Caller  II: One thing more, my doctor says that since our body gets addicted to insulin at the interval of 2 or 3 years. So, we have to change it afterwards. Is it true and is it mandatory to change insulin?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: It depends on case to case. The adaptation may occur in the body since our body makes adjustments with everything. Afterwards, it slows down to respond. Doctors also try different insulin. But if your blood sugar levels have no issue then change needs not be necessary. The most important thing is to change your lifestyle and bring a discipline in your diet-chart. Monitor your blood sugar levels and alongside, don’t miss the doses of insulin. If you follow all these directions then life will be more comfortable. There are so many diabetics who are changing this world and you can also be the one of them.

Host: Are there few dishes which we can cook in our kitchen?       

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Absolutely, we have shared such kind of recipes and we are incessantly informing. We are willing to share. For example you can take Kasuri cauliflower, baked vegetable, spicy karela (bitterguard). These all will be provided to you in personal diet plan for which you can talk to our Diabetes educators. You will get a diet-plan along with recipes. You can eat dishes having butter.

Host: Do you draft a diet-plan while keeping only diabetics in mind since it may be possible that the patient will have the problem of blood pressure or any other disease? Is this a plan drafted accordingly?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Absolutely. It’s a faulty idea that the patient of hypertension should intake salt in less quantity. Since I am a lifestyle doctor, the idea is to consider the balancing of potassium and sodium. There is no need to consume less salt. At this stage, several patients are to be hospitalized due to deficiency of sodium.  Less salt and no sodium lead to deficiency of sodium which could be life threatening. Such patients have to be given fluids for restoring the levels of salt. So, it’s essential to consume salt for all of us.

Host: Yes, you informed us that sugar is kept restricted for diabetics. Such restrictions create complications somewhere in life.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: We advocate walking with balance. We never say that a diabetic can never eat sweet. We say that you ought to throw a party when your blood sugar levels reach below 120. You ought to eat food of your choice. Thence, you ought to move further taking motivation from that.  And when you will do this routine wise, it will become your life-schedule and if not then your blood sugar levels will shoot and hence, problems will begin to befall.

Host: Doctor, it’s the greatest challenge to convince the people with old Diabetes that consumption of food supplement will control your Diabetes.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Most of the people are living in the hope that one day the cure of Diabetes will be discovered. Reality is this that who assures for cure of Diabetes, he is doing a fraud. Any doctor or medical expert can never talk about cure of Diabetes. But we say that we will reverse your Diabetes via systematic way. As far as elder people are concerned, they are unknown to the concept of food supplement. They are waiting for magical pills.

Host: I read some advertisements in the newspaper that promised to show some assured result. But later, I didn’t get any trace of its address. Such kind of people does fraud and run away.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: It’s reality. We will be firm as we did a long research. We have zillions of success stories.

Host: Is there any patient who ran back to the same track after reversal of Diabetes?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: The Diabetes of such patients will be reversed in less time.

Host: Every burnt child dreads the fire. And after meeting you, every patient would keep in mind what he should do now.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Not all, but most of the people become conscious. Our duty is to impart information to them.

Host: You talked about fatty liver and multiple organ failure that informed us that such damages happen normally due to Diabetes. They are denied operation having recovered that they are diabetic. It was shocking.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Most of the people are detected as being diabetic in the foretold manner. Most of the people are unconscious.

Host : Lack of awareness leads to facing such problem. Diabetes is a ‘Silent killer’.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: One thing is no awareness and another reason is deliberately ignoring the Diabetes.  We are doing hardwork only for conscious people. It’s a revolution for them only. But there are so many people who go through the information for long time but are doing nothing; we can’t do anything for them.

Host: But through this program, we want to tell that there is a way of reversal despite the dark fog of Diabetes has blanketed your life. There is a ray of hope, i.e. Dr. Gaurav Sharma. Talk to him for knowing healthy lifestyle and its maintenance.          

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: We can show only directions.