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Meaning of Diabetes | Reversing Diabetes



Host: A statistic states that India has been converted into a diabetic capital. This is to inform you because our lifestyle has defects or problems to which we are ignorant. Possibly, you, the viewers, may have Diabetes. India’s number 1 lifestyle doctor and famous Diabetologist Dr. Gaurav Sharma is associated with us to inform us why Diabetes shoots and how can it be averted. What actually does Diabetes mean?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: People often call Diabetes as ‘sugar’ which is totally incorrect. Some people say that we became a diabetic despite denying consumption of sugar. Contradictory statements are stated. Diabetes means that your blood sugar levels have been increased or more than 120 milligrams per deciliter. We test it through normal glucometer. If levels are above 120 irrespective of PP or fasting, we define it Diabetes. Now, why does Diabetes hit? It hits when our insulin, that controls blood sugar levels, becomes weak and seems incapable in controlling it. Thus, it hits.

Host: If our pancreas is not working properly then we believe that we are suffering from Diabetes. Is Diabetes really such a terrific disease for which we have to take medication throughout life?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: If you will not take care of yourself and will not take medicine then one day this Diabetes will make you its morsel. It’s reality. It is progressing rapidly. In case drugs will be missed, it will lead to organ damage and eventually, will cause death. So you have to take the medicine throughout your life for it. We can make our insulin strong and gradually, stop taking oral hypoglycemic drugs. We are here to make people understand that Diabetes is reversible and controllable.

Host: Why are you called as lifestyle doctor?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: New terminologies are introducing. Earlier, AIDS was threatening but now, the problem of AIDS is lesser serious in India than that of Diabetes. AIDS is a viral infection while lifestyle is more threatening.  How do we tackle the deficiency in our food, stress management, way of motivation, balancing between personal and professional life and are we switching to non-pharmaceutical ways of improving our health via natural ways? A lifestyle doctor tells you how to manage your health via suggesting optimum methods of exercise, taking nutrient, tackling stress and balancing personal life with professional life acquiring positive approach via scientific way.    

Host: How can you say that we can reverse Diabetes?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: I want to share my story. I was practicing as an allopathic doctor. I noticed that our prescribed drug stop showing its effect after some time. Insulin stops working and our resistance increases. Then, we have to add more tablets and eventually, these tablets stop working. Afterwards, you undergo insulin therapy. Thereafter, resistance encounters and hence, organ failure occurs. Within 30 years, a diabetic dies withering. Can we reverse this procedure? We began to explore and started working with vitamins. We noticed that the good quantity of vitamin B3 results in good glucose metabolism or blood sugar levels stay smooth. If mineral chromium is given in micrograms then blood sugar level improves. Then, we began to work with herbs like gudmar, bitterguard, vijaysaar etc. They showed positive results. Our insulin begins to become strong or sensitized; inflammation in pancreas and body reduced. Phytonutrient present in fenugreek seeds reduce the absorption of blood sugar in intestine. Thus, your blood sugar level will not shoot extensively. The incorporation of all these things are keenly observed and experimented. We noticed that we are stopping the progression of it in addition to the reduction of oral hypoglycemic dosage. Subsequent to it, we noticed reduction in the dosage of insulin through these food supplements.  Eventually, insulin was removed following to cutting down of the insulin dosage to the patient. We removed insulin of 60-year-old man.

One thing I want to add that those who think that they can stop their drugs without doing anything, they are wrong. Don’t stop your allopathic medicines. Incorporate them with food supplements. As your insulin grow strong as you can reduce those drugs.

Host: People do have fear that the market is flooded with so many products and how can they switch to them while leaving old allopathic pills.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: I want to correct you here. I never suggest stopping allopathic drugs.

Host: You stressed here to continue it.

Dr. Gaurav Shartma: We are not leaving it absolutely. You must not stop your medicine instead you should introduce these food supplements alongside. Thereafter, when your levels will calm down below 120 then you ought to reduce its dosage by ¼ and monitor your blood sugar level side by side. It’s totally safe and simple trick.  You have to follow a method and system.    

Caller  I: My name is Subrata. I testified my blood sugar levels that stated it has been increased a bit. I have started eating boiled food for few months having known that it is a life threatening disease that cannot be cured. Is there any way of its prevention? How do I remediate it?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: There is no need to get afraid. I know that knowledge is in limitation to you thus, fear is obvious. People don’t provide you accurate information. It’s not essential that you ought to eat boiled food. Just stay away from rice and roti. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Take snack of nuts and avoid tea or coffee available in the market. You can take green tea or lemon tea as it is much better. Never think that you have to eat the boiled, tasteless food throughout life. First, introduce Diabetplus. Take two capsules each of it in the morning and evening. Bring changes in lifestyle. You will get recipes, diet plan and consultation with the Diabetes educator. And we will support you lifelong.        

Caller  I: Doctor, as all say, this disease in incurable. It will hit lifelong and the drugs would be continued till end of your life. This is fearsome and you will not be able to live your life joyfully.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: There are two eyes to see this disease. If you will not take drug then you will have threat to get your organ damaged and your life may end. Another is that since it’s not an infectious disease but a lifestyle disease which progresses continuously. You have to put brake against it for stopping it. If your Diabetes is fresh then adding ‘Diabetplus’, which is a food supplement, will avert the possibility of drug in future because we can maintain it in early stage. So, don’t fear you need not take any medicine.

Host: People do have fear in their mind, as has this guy who was told to eat boiled food. While you always say that diabetics can also eat tasty food.     

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: You can eat nutritious and delicious food. People lack knowledge and we are delivering it through this program. So, don’t worry but be cautious. Don’t take Diabetes loosely and also don’t afraid. We will inform you how to manage it and just stay tuned with us.

Host: "What is the importance of balanced diet and nutritious food?” These are the two things about which doctor keeps on informing us. If you take care of these things then you will always be prevented from Diabetes.

Caller  II: I am Rameshwar from Delhi. I feel tired and lethargy after having meal and my weight is also triggering more. I think that these are the symptoms of Diabetes.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Yes, absolutely. Have you checked your blood sugar?

Caller  II: I haven’t checked it now. But I testified it last year. At that time, it was 130.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: If it was 130 then you have come into the range of a diabetic. Possibly, your blood sugar levels might have been triggered high. These are the symptoms of Diabetes. Is your fat around tummy increased?

Caller  II: Yes, it happened but I did not attend it. I was anticipating it.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Please examine your blood sugar level. Start ‘Diabetplus’ immediately since it has many nutrients which will help you in treating the Diabetes. If it is not severe then it will not take much time reverse it. I think, your Diabetes should be reversed in two or three months. Alongside, you will notice that you will become slim as the fat around your tummy will be melted and Diabetes will not be a threat for you anymore. You will feel energetic and you will begin to see it with positive stance.

Host: There are so many people who are ignorant to their disease and they think that perhaps this might be the symptom of Diabetes but they do not reach to any conclusion. But you make people understood via informative way telling signs and symptoms to check their Diabetes. There are so many people who believe that they are not diabetics. They come to know about their Diabetes when they visit the doctor for some other examination. How can we check if we are a diabetic or not?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Today, a simple test is available at chemist using glucometer. You just test and check it whether your blood sugar levels are increased or not. As you detect it as it will be reversible early. I have come to know such cases in which patient reached to hospital directly due to kidney failure. There are certain rules of nature that cannot be changed by anyone. If your blood sugar levels are increased then instead of getting feared you should consult a Diabetologist for attacking to Diabetes. As early it will be detected as early it will be cured. But most of the people want to behave more like a pigeon that shuts its eyes when a cat pounces upon it.

Host: Yes doctor, I want to know for this reason. I don’t know, perhaps, I will be a diabetic. As there are so many people who think that Diabetes will never attack on them.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: I want to cut you short here. I think every 6th or 7th person is diabetic. This is shocking.

Host: This is actually shocking. That’s why I want to know what are the signals or symptoms in the body to which we ignore.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: If we talk about symptoms at early stage when your blood sugar levels remain below 200 or 250 or 300, then no symptoms are spotted. Only general tiredness hits; body seems heavy, boredom and you don’t want to do any work but to sit, i.e. laziness, are the symptoms of lethargy. Some people feel happy since their weight begins to shoot down and their appetite increases. At that time, their organ is damaging. Thirst shoots up high causing excessive urination and fogginess covers their mind. Of course, tiredness increases but they eat food extraordinarily and their weight loses. Your eyesight, kidneys and nerves of feet are affected at that stage. The supply of blood to retina also reduces and as their age advances their gum problems begin to increase; sexual problems also begin to occur, especially in men, states the latest research. A new terminology is coming in trend that is ‘diabetic cardiomyopathy’ that means the heart begins to get affected which could cause serious heart attack along with so many other problems.

Host: These are all so scary. There are so many people who did not know what had happened to them. I want to share a small episode.  We came on a sudden note that my mother was defected with Diabetes. It was very shocking thing for all of us. Our diet was good and my mother goes to walk. Everything was perfect. But yes, she was obese. She had a problem of Thyroid. We did not understand if there was any connection among all these health problems as she had heart problem, obesity and Thyroid.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Yes, everything is interlinked except thyroid because it is related to metabolism but not to Diabetes. Thyroid indicates that your overall mechanism is weakening. Thyroid works as a controller. The energy to break down food is provided by thyroid. When it begins to slow down then metabolic problems start because of which weight is put on and when this metabolism slows down gradually, the insulin resistance shoots up. If insulin weakens then you will be a diabetic. It will be followed as chain reaction. As far as primary symptoms of Diabetes are concerned, feeling superfluous thirst, excessive urination, increased appetite and weight loss are those. If these manifest, then go for examination of blood sugar levels; control them and be in safe zone of levels below 120 milligrams per deciliter.

Host: If Diabetes has attacked then what will be the line of treatment?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: A doctor suggests making changes in lifestyle. This is the proper systematic way as books narrate. But many doctors prescribe medication immediately. First approach is to pay heed to diet and exercise. Go for walk; bring changes in food; avoid sweets, oatmeal products. Those who follow it, they manage good control over it. Then gradually, decomposition begins. Afterwards, they are prescribed oral hypoglycemic. Generally, a diabetic progresses from one pill to another at the interval of 3 to 4 years which progressively increases. One day comes when the drugs or pills stop working and hence, organ damages. Silently, he/ she dies.

Host: This is really sad that despite taking medicine, a diabetic approaches to death.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: This is a questionable thing. We are not saying that it is a wrong method but our method is totally different. You have to take medication and frequently, examine your blood sugar levels and keep them below 120.

Host: If a diabetic comes to you and he is on medical prescription. His condition is critical and there is no hope that his problem will be cured. How much time will you take to reverse his Diabetes?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: It depends. As fresh diagnose of Diabetes as earlier it will be reversible. Old Diabetes can be reversed but it takes time. We have refrained oral hypoglycemic drugs within 15 days that is the shortest time. And the maximum time in reversal was one year that we took in a weird case. It took 11 months for us to make the exemption of insulin from the life of that weird diabetic.

Host: It is really commendable to reverse the Diabetes of that weird diabetic.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: A patient visited to us and the condition of her husband was very critical who had taken every kind of drug and his blood sugar levels were on 380 which was a total dangerous range. Thence, he revisited last month. Now, his blood sugar levels are at 160.

Host: It is so exciting. A question is rising in my mind if you give them a separate thing to eat for controlling their Diabetes. What are the eatables or tablets you give besides exercise?           

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: We give our product s ‘Diabetplus’ and ‘Diabetall’ that we give for sure. It is essential to give vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and herbs which are in it to avert the deficient of nutrients in our body. These increase the method of treatment. I had to do it in a critical circumstance. I was a practitioner earlier. There were so many limitations. We are sorry to say but we did not have sense how to develop and manage it. We did developmental work thereafter. We are happy to introduce so many herbs in these two products and we are working on the innovation for future. We did some modification in Diabetall. Earlier, it was bitter in taste then we turned it neutral and now, it has been changed sweet in taste. It will be available in pineapple flavor. It will be tasty as well along.

Host: Doctor, I will ask you so many things later about it since patients, too, want to remain healthy so that Diabetes would not stir venom in their life. Though it’s sugary disease yet it works as poisoning the life. We will try to control the Diabetes for which we will need your cooperation.