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How to Judge Vastu Consultant | Vastu Expert



Today there are so many vastu consultants. After consulting from a vastu consultant you get to know if he is a good vastu consultant or not and only then you recommend him to somebody else. Hence, a recommended astrologer or a vastu consultant will probably be good. Vastu is not a formal education which can be learnt from a school or college. To know something, to have knowledge about something, to make it a profession and give its result too is four different things. When you visit an astrologer or a vastu consultant ask him that whatever vastu remedies or defects he is telling, does it have a base or where are they written. You can ask them how many Vedas, shastras, purans are there and what is written in them. Ask them that who provided them the teachings; from where have they learnt vastu or astrology. If he replies that he has got this knowledge from books, articles, etc that means he has only theoretical knowledge and no practical knowledge. According to vastu, if there is staircase in north, financial problems always prevail. Vastu remedy for this is to make a shivlinga on a nine by nine inch looking mirror by sindoor. If south-west is cut, elongated, has a boring, pit etc. then the head of the family faces health problems and nobody respects him, even children disobey him.