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Honey and Diabetes



Host: People become weak due to diabetes. They don’t understand what to do and where to go. They go for various treatments and follow prohibition but diabetes has no cure. But there is a personality who believes that diabetes can not only be managed but also be reversed. He is India’s renowned lifestyle doctor and famous diabetologist Dr. Gaurav Sharma.

Dr. Gaurav, when we talk about diabetes, people tend to associate it with sugar. They believe to avoid sweet for which they use honey in the morning tea. How much justifiable is the use of honey or should it be avoided also?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Many viewers want to know whether honey is safe for them of not. Most of the people believe that honey is a safe thing. Whereas, they also suspect if it’s sweetness may not cause any complication. Actually, it causes trouble. Practically, the wider part of honey has fructose which jumps up our blood sugar level very quickly. It is found in concentrated form and avoiding to it essential but if we talk about raw honey, it is not available today. Sugar syrup is also added to it. To detect whether that honey is raw or not, eat it and check your blood sugar level. If it does not increase then it’s great but if it raises high the blood level then it’s troublesome. There will be chances of increase in them by 99.99 percent. So, take it after deep consideration. Glucometer is your friend. So, please take its help what it says.

Host: Raw or pure honey is scarcely available. Since tea has become a habit of some people, so should they take artificial sweetener in place of that?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: As we informed, artificial sweeteners are harmful, especially hesperidin which is carcinogenic indicating possibility of causing cancer. Latest research shows that diabetics will become the patients of cancer mostly since there is a relationship between both. The shot up blood sugar level excites cancerous cells. Artificial sweeteners are capable of making holes in your intestine, which is termed as leaky gut syndrome. Food does not get digested completely and abdomen looks bumpy. Such people complain that they eat less food but still we have the same problem. However it’s not the fat but the gas that makes their abdomen look like the abdomen of a pregnant lady. So, stay away from them. There are so many environmental factors, such as deficiency of probiotic while superfluous usage of antibiotics. People are confronting digestion related disorders which begin the whole thing complicated. Therefore, keep such problem generators at bay. If it seems possible then avoid honey but you ought to avoid artificial sweeteners definitely.

Host: Then, you are offering us the best option, that is sweet joy.  

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Well, sweet joy is the best option because I had to make it again. As I told earlier, I was worried as I don’t have trust on allopathic medicines. I collected vitamins and minerals from here and there. People have to take many medicines and multivitamins. They asked me to discover something. We added vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and herbs to for Diabetplus. For ascertaining faster results, we discovered diabetall. When patients asked me to discover something sweet then we suggested them to take stevia since they did not want to take it. After many months of hardship, we isolated the bitter part of stevia and discarded it while maintaining 400 times sweeter part. Then, we included liquorice which has healing properties but it has its specific taste which is not liked by most of the patients. It consists of very low concentration of sweetness. We extracted only the sweeter part of it and blended it with stevia. The sweet part of liquorice is 50 times sweeter than that of sugar. Then, we converted them into drop. Just 3 or 4 drops are enough to taste sweet. You can take it in any drink also. So, use it.

Caller I: I am Rakesh Shrivastav speaking from Shamnagar in southern part of Kanpur. I am 66-year-old. I have been a diabetic for over 2 years.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Is there any family member suffering from diabetes?

Caller I: No. Since the day I took your food supplements, my diabetes is under control. Earlier, my fasting used to be 125 or 128 and PP was around 160. But after taking diabetplus, it remains normal, i.e. 110 or 112.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Very good. Your fasting is fine. Are you taking any allopathic medicines?

Caller I: Meanwhile, my allopathic drugs were cut down. I take gluconorm 500 & GP 2.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: I think you ought to reduce the dosage taken in the evening. Have you talked to our diabetes educators about your increased sugar level?

Caller I: Yes, she reduced the dose of gluconorm to 50 %.      

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: You ought to reduce the dose taken at night by ¼ . And if your level is still below then you ought to reduce allopathic drugs even more so that your drugs will be reduced. You are not doing well.  If you have any doubt then you can talk to our senior diabetes educator Shruti. Essentially, share your condition with her.   

Caller I: Should we take diabetplus at the time of keeping fast?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: I should say that don’t do buttering to god. Fast was kept to detoxify the body but if you are an ill person then you should not keep fast. A religion is not above your health. Keep fast only when you are healthy. You are just fooling to yourself. I have learnt this thing from my experience.  If you are ready to learn then it’s well and good for you. But you must check your blood sugar level. When you go in the state of fasting then cortisol hormone begins to release. It breaks down your muscles to prepare sugar. Sugar is essential for brain and scant nutrition can lead to brain dead.  When blood sugar level increases ketaset dosages go inside it. Our body begins to melt the fat for availing blood sugar to brain. Thus, fasting is a stressful situation. Take aid of glucometer for determining your blood sugar level. If they are coming down then you should not take it and even take less dose of allopathic drug on that day.

Caller I: I reduced my allopathic dosage by ¼ and ½ respectively. You told me to reduce the night dosage by ¼.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Yes, since your fasting in the morning is 80 and you are moving to danger zone as moving below 70 is no allowed. Thus, your dosage are relatively high to which you ought to cut down by 1/4 . You ought to reduce it till it is below 120 and afterwards, stop it taking. Your results are very good. Carry on the same trend and in your case, diabetall is not necessary to take. You should use sweet joy for sweetness.

Host: When it is unsuitable to keep fast then it is not essential to keep it. It is not necessary to remain bare stomach in fasting as you can eat fruits and other things. So that you can take your dosage or is there any other option or alternate?         

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: A diabetic should eat something at the interval of every 2 hours. You ought to take care neither to come down nor to shoot up your blood sugar levels too much. We recommend you to take nuts, such as almonds, fruits and veggies.

Host: You introduced Sweet joy. They got a very good option to drop in tea. There are certain things that you deny, such as rice and potato. These are common eatables eating to which has been a staple diet. How would he leave it or reduce it? What are the other options for consumption besides those prohibited eatables?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: People have deficiency of protein and fats are not healthy; body has internal inflammation. Every 6th or 7th person is suffering from diabetes in the city. Two deaths are registered in every 10 seconds in India that is more conservative figure. Organ failure is the cause of it. Weight watchers should take care of it. Check that you do not secrete more insulin and sensitize it also. We are working on chia seeds for more than 6 or 7 years. These are imported from South America where these are called aztec gold. It is flooded with nutritional properties. We are about to begin the cultivation of these seeds. Diabetics will be able to eat papad, brownie or anything. The most exciting thing about these seeds is that these taste neutral. These have Omega 3 in large quantity. These will overcome the deficiency of Omega 3 converts into EP and DHA. These have higher quantity of fiber which does not impact the level of insulin. These fulfill the deficiency of protein. So, these are the balanced grains but there is an adaptogen which normalizes the level of insulin.

Caller II: I am R P Singh from Ambala. I have been taking diabetplus for 9 months two capsules each in the morning and evening. I took metformin earlier.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: What were your levels earlier?

Caller II: My blood sugar levels were registered between 120 and 270.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma:  Were these levels of fasting or PP?

Caller II: My fasting was 120 and PP was around 270. Now, problem is that fasting is registered low, i.e. around 70 and my PP increases.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: It not allowed going below 70 by blood sugar levels. You will go into hypoglycemia. You must cut down the medicine taken at night as soon as possible. I think you have to cut it by ½ . You ought to take care of your food. And if even then the blood sugar level increases, add diabetall essentially. When your levels will fall down to 120 then you should reduce the dosage of allopathic drug slowly. Eventually, you can stop it as well.

Caller II: I will resume these food supplements until I will be fully cured.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Diabetes cannot be cured. It can be reversed. Remember it that diabetes is a progressive disease which keeps on progressing. Pay special attention to your lifestyle and keep your levels under control. Talk to our diabetes educators.

Caller II: Yes, they call us frequently to know about my health condition.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma:  As we called chia seed ‘the Aztec gold’. Aztec is an American terminology. It is given respect in Bolivia, Peru and Columbia. The kings of those kingdoms knew that they would be victorious till they have chia seeds. It was nearly impossible to defeat them because they have superfluous energy in them. The energy comes through it with spike and you do not feel lethargy. The king of that kingdom used to collect tax in the form of chia seeds instead of coins or any other valuable asset. The future of his kingdom used to lie in the hands of chia seeds. As big the treasure used to be as big and prosperous the king was supposed to be. We are testing soil in various parts of the country. We are looking at the bumper production of chia seeds and also, the place where its crop will be enriched as well as the condition of the nutrients in them. We will grow this crop in broader way. I’ll bring chia seeds in affordable price. You can sprinkle the powder of chia seeds in various food items, such as curd. This will settle your demand for nutrition. We would provide you various recipes of chia seeds’ snacks that will provide nutrition as well. It is our greatest achievement.