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High Blood Pressure | Diet Tips for Pregnancy | Improve Eyesight | Fever



Consume a spoon of onion juice along with honey till 5 to 7 days once or twice a day,do breathing exercise and suryanamaskar for calming down high Blood pressure. A pregnant lady should eat an orange in the noon, coconut with mishri, fruits, vegetables and cereals. Resume mopping the flour since it activates pelvic region of a pregnant lady that helps in normal delievery.Soak trifla churna in any earthern utensil at night and wash your eyes using this water to brighten your vision.Grind 4 almonds with 20g black peppar and 20g fennel seeds(saunfa). Eat this mixture with milk when your stomach will be empty in the morning Drink carrot juice also,to improve your vision of eyes. For combating frequent fever problem, drink hot water for detoxifying your body. Drink boiled water of 7 tulsi leaves, 7 black peppar balls and 7 patashas and then, cover your body with a sheet so that excessive perspiration would detoxify your body. Therefore, fever would be healed completely. Scars on face can be removed by applying the paste of soaked masoor dal in milk, 3 to 4 kesar straws and jaifal altogether.