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Hair Damage due to Sun Tanning | Swelling | Heel Pain | Upset Stomach



Use umbrella and cap to prevent hair from dirt and getting tanned due to sun exposure. Grind soaked white til (sesame) in amla water and soaked almonds altogether. Apply this paste on your hair for getting rid of tan. Take 1 spoon of Ashwagandha powder in the morning and at night for proper secretion of male hormone called \'testesterone\' so that beard or mustache can shoot in males. Swelling in right leg indicates arthritis or dispersion of fluid from knee joint or overweight or deficiency of Vitamin D. Go for medical test related to aforementioned disorders and massage your knee with any oil while basking it under sun. Wear soft footwear, avoid barefooted walk, check your uric acid level and use white pumpkin juice everyday. Boil mint leaves in water and add roasted cumin seed(jeera) with sea salt (sendha namak) to drink for curing indigestion.