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Extra Marital Affair According to Astrology | P K Sarna | Best Astrologer



Extra marital affairs have become common problem these days due to imbalancing of mutual understanding between life-partners.Thorough inspection of particular couple\'s horoscope  can help in analysing prospective extra marital-affair. The primary houses that promote such affairs are 2,5,7,8 and12 along with venus, uranus and moon planets. When venus conjoints by uranus or moon, extra-marital affairs bloom. Moon, neptune, uranus and venus must signify 2,5,7,8 and 11th houses. They must have either  mutual aspects or conjunction. Mars,venus and mercury must have the affect of 2,8 and 10th houses. Planets with duality like mars, venus, jupiter and saturn must affect pivotal  sign of 7th house. Gemstones can restore positivity and balance since they signify positive energy of respective gems that would be recommended by a renowned astrologer.