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Diabetes - A Lifestyle Disease



Host: This series is meant for diabetics. India’s leading lifestyle doctor and famous Diabetologist Dr. Gaurav Sharma has made this program. There are so many diabetics who have been taking drugs but they have not been leading a normal life. Having adopting his guidance, their Diabetes is under control. The motto of this program is to get connected with Dr. Gaurav Sharma and adopt his scientific ways in life and hence, reverse Diabetes.

We all have heard of Diabetes and it is commonly known as ‘Sugar’ and it is believed that when sugar level increases in our blood then Diabetes attacks upon human body. What do you say what type of disease is Diabetes?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: I have already made people understand and again, I want to address our viewers that Diabetes is not a disease of sugar. When your insulin weakens and begins to resist then blood sugar level shoots up. Thereafter, higher blood sugar level indulges in its weird act of damaging organ. After that, we die progressively. We don’t want that such kind of complication may ever hit you. We want to spread awareness and alongside, wish to make you cautious. We have to fight for some things and a correct guidance can change your life. But you have to have focus and work hard. We are here to support you for lifelong. I want you to become my ambassadors and inform people as well as doctors that Diabetes is not a disease of sugar. It is a disease of insulin resistance. When insulin weakens then our blood sugar level shoots up. Some people do not become diabetics ever, such as thin people. But there are exceptions also. Since their insulin is strong that does not allow them to become diabetic. They metabolize insulin properly and their weight never jumps up high. Diabetes begins with the deposition of fat around your tummy. When you feel drowsy after eating meal then it indicates that you ought to pay heed to your fitness. They feel fresh a bit after sleeping. Some patients sleep while driving. Can you imagine?

Caller  I: I am Arora from Noida. Earlier, I had sugar that was 190 and 250 without taking allopathic medicines. When I introduced drugs then my levels were 110 and 150. Afterwards, when I introduced your treatment then my level figures are 110 and 130. I cut my allopathic drugs to half dose.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: That’ fantastic. Your reversal is started. Look, your progress is good and the progress you showed in 3 and half months, it’s very good. You have to retain your levels below 120. Have you talked to our Diabetes educators regularly? Have you examined your HBA1C that is conducted after 3 months? Please undergo that test. It tells us the average blood sugar levels. Focus on doing exercise. Your adaption has come back and your results will be good.

Host: At certain stage our condition reaches to such platform where results appear zero. How did you draft all these plans of Diabetes reversal?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: I am very surprised with the stubbornness of the people. I continue to extend my search by cutting it to sharp. People are still firm to their own old methods. Literally, I feel annoyed. Exercise is an important part that is very critical concept to understand. We need to improve circulation; inducing nutrition to the body; oxygenation and reducing inflammation. Exercise induces improvement in those conditions. After going for walk, our body develops adaptation. Some people stop it as improvement stabilizes. Focused people increase intensity of the exercise and thereafter, some people increase time spending on it. Gradually they reach to stage where there Diabetes stays maintained. You have to walk or slow jog for health’s sake. I start with interval training, follow specific guidelines. Ideal effort is 45 seconds long, 75 seconds for recovery which enhance your body’s metabolism.

Caller  II: I am Naveen from Delhi. My age is 40. My levels at fasting are 140 and upto 200 as PP. After medical examination, I am taking medical prescription also.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: If you don’t want to take medication then you have option to take Diabetall and Diabetplus. I think your Diabetes is fresh.

Caller  II: I have been a diabetic for one year.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: You have to start with medication since you did not have any other options. But anyhow, you introduce Diabetall and Diabetplus immediately. Within few days, you will reap results and your levels will come down below 120 very soon. Then, stop taking Diabetall and continue to take Diabetplus. Carry it on as maintenance dosage also. We have done our work by bringing herbal sap into simple form of capsules. Monitor your blood sugar level and go for HBA1C test at the interval of every 3 months and check it to keep it below 6.  

Host: Generally, we believe in heresay. On discovering that we are diabetic we stop eating sugar but the lifestyle and food remain the same. How true is it?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: There are so many who resume their old schedule of eating sugar having followed the prohibition for approximately one month. Or they incline to artificial sweeteners. They do not sustain the disciplined schedule.

Host: I also used artificial sweetener for weight management. Are these cancerous?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma:I also took and they cause harm such as headache, skin allergy, cancer. These are man-made drugs. If we take it for long period they create toxin in body. Hence, they create inflammation. A case-study was conducted in the US in which two groups were fed with cold drinks and artificial sweetener respectively. It was diagnosed that the latter group that took artificial sweetener put on weight more than that of fore group. It was shocking. It leads to inflammation.