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Dandruff and Hairfall | Varicose Vein | Aloe Vera Benefits | Stomach Problem



Hairfall due to dandruff should be treated with herbal shampoo that should have less acidic contents. Soak methi seeds\' powder into curd at night. Massage the roots of your hair with that curd before taking bathe. Boil dried amla in coconut oil to apply it twice or  thrice a week for curing hair from dandruff. Varicose vein disease is caused due to blockage in blood channels. Turmeric in milk should be taken once or twice a day as a cure of varicose veins. Drink 3 spoons of aloe-vera juice when your stomach is empty to purify your blood vessels and remove blockage. Intestinal incarceration or colitis is the medical term of indigestion with burning sensation which is caused due to inadequate,improper and untimely food intake. For averting this disease, eat food timely and avoid stuffing of junk and fried food into the body since it conceives gas and acid in stomach. Consume boiled mint leaves water in which sendha-salt and roasted cumin seeds (jeera) are stirred. Wash your hair with neem leaves\' water, consume protein-rich diet along with amla and black sesame (til) in equal quantity twice a day. Soak masoor dal in milk, add kesar, besan and turmeric in it. Grind them into paste and apply it for getting fair complexion.