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Arthritis Treatment



Host: A light is what that disperses the darkness; fragrance is what that disperses aroma in the atmosphere; a Friend is the one who accompanies in grief and arthritplus is what that alleviates arthritis.  We have India’s leading lifestyle doctor and sports medicine specialist Dr. Gaurav Sharma.

Caller I: I am Satya Prakash from Bihar. How should I thank you? I ordered for your supplementary food a month ago and after consuming it, I felt great relief? And having finished two bottles of it, it brought greater relief.  But when there falls rain, I feel enhancement in pain. What can be the cause of it?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: When the weather changes, our body behaves in different manner. At that time, the swelling can be more and overall, inflammatory changes shooting in your body are not understable as yet. We have also observed that this kind of problem does occur. But gradually, your those problems will come to an end. You can parcel your thanks via a letter.

Caller I: Doctor, I want to share one more thing that sometimes, my feet inflame. People have told me that I am inflicted with rheumatoid arthritis since my calves also feel pain sometimes. Is it rheumatoid or some other disorder?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: This symptom is related to rheumatoid arthritis and do you have osteoarthritis as well along?

Caller I: Yes, I am suffering from osteoarthritis also. But most of the doctors have diagnosed me as the patient of rheumatoid arthritis.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Yes, that is also to you. And the inflammation as well as problem shooting during rain is related to rheumatoid arthritis. Unfortunately, there is no treatment of arthritis in the world. But arthritplus is helping you a lot then you should be thankful to god since you are getting relief out of it.

Caller I: Taking this supplement brings much relief.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Yes, it kills the pain immediately. And when the painkillers affect stomach and liver then this affect causes much more effect in long term.  Sometimes, we create so many problems while keeping the pain at bay. You have to take Sujis also along with arthritplus.

Caller I: What is Sujis, doctor?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: It’s a new thing introduced which is called ‘magical pill’. It brings relief in pain not in minutes but within seconds.  We have tried it on patients. Order Sujis now for booking its stock since it will come and go. And perhaps, it might have been out of stock. It is, literally, like ‘panacea’.

Host: Dr. Gaurav, often arthritis hits older people.  And the greatest curse for them is that they feel unable to make their grandchildren sit in their lap and walk with them along. What do you do when such patients visit to you?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: I used to talk to many corporate earlier. When you become grandparents then there develops a special bond between grandchildren and you. Since they do not walk on their own properly then how can they carry their grand children? So, this pain is heinous and heart-threatening. Ask to those who lost his leg or eyes how much it inflicts. When we lose something then only we know the worth of it. If you are not suffering from pain then you may be inflicted with it tomorrow. If you have arthritis then you ought to put conscious effort over it and bring changes in it. My father was inflicted with it and I gave it to my mother also. But I noticed as they took it they have started walking smoothly and faster. My parents are 60s and 70s. They got some very good results as they are now able to play with their grandparents. Believe me, it has arthritplus and sujis. Of course, walking and food should be paid more attention. We will provide you exercise-chart. If you have osteoarthritis, then you have to do hasty investment and bring an upright-cycle at home.

Host: As we were talking earlier that Arthritis is a lifestyle disorder. Our lifestyle has been changed as people have adopted sedentary lifestyle. While dieting we keep the inclusion of oil and ghee very low. Does it matter also?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: First, we have to understand it. As we have told you it’s a degenerative disease which hits by the passing age. Nutrients do matter also. Omega 3 is the first nutrient that has been in the usage for ages. And now we are listening about the introduction of DHA and EP in the drink of your ward. But you know it very well from where do they source. That is plant but its not so effective. The effective sources are animal and marine. Primarily, it’s marine source which is very effective Omega 3 source. That’s why we talk about fish that come out of the ocean. Alongside, we include glycominoglycan or popularly known as polysaccharides and immune shell which we import from New Zealand specially for bringing structural changes in your body. If your food has deficiency of Omega 3, specially found in the food of Indians, thus arthritis inflicts. Mustard oil is the primary source of Omega 3 that we usually take that has 6 to 7 g omega 3. But the problem is that it has to be converted into DHA and EP which is around 15 to 20 percent. So, the quantity of it in marine source is relatively more effective. It is 20 percent more out of which 1 and half gram will be utilized by your body. But that will not be so effective. Thus, we give 30 g per days flax seed oil  that is again a plant source to our patients. It is also converted and 5 or 6 g reached to EP and DHA. Thus, it shows good results in this case for weak generation.                  

Host: You know new products are launching every day in the market. Big promises are made to people that persuade you to take one pill for getting off the knee pain. Amid all this, your products and supplements, such as arthritplus, diabetplus and sujis, have come out as exquisite. But how did it become possible to grab such success?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Success comes to you only if you have capabilities. People call the success of our products as ‘overnight success.’ Nobody talks about the 15 years industrious work. I think people manufacture products for making money. But we give priority to benefits via our products over money. The 2nd thing is that those products are made by businessmen or big companies those have aim of deriving monitory profits. The difference in their and our products is that ours is doctor designed and tested on patients. We launch them only when our patients realize benefits out of them. And if those products do not bring any benefit then we continue to improve them. That’s why these products are very effective.

Host: Generally, people undergo massage. There is a massage therapy of Kerala which is very famous. Do you also advise for the same to your patients?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: If you have oils with deep penetrating formula then it’s effective. Mostly, they don’t have extracts. Those were acting as oils only which are present in very weak form. Of course, oils and all these products have very important role. But we were working on technology as how could we give them deep penetration. And the same oils are showing wonder in seconds while showing immediate results. This is a difference between science and fantasy.

Host: My aunt has arthritis. Sometimes, the pain shoots up .She is not taking any medicine since she has no faith in the medicines now. As you were saying that this pain shoots as per weather. I will seek answer from you over this but after attending this next caller.

Caller II: I am R. Singh from Madhya Pradesh. Earlier, my father’s knees ached while walking. After watching your products in a program, I placed my order for one bottle. My father was saying that there is much relief in his pain now indeed.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: If he is able to walk now or not?

Caller II: Yes sir. But he feels pain sometimes when he walks for long time. Should I continue that supplement or stop it?

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Since your father is very aged hence, he has to follow its 6 to 9 months course. Afterwards, you can stop it. you can carry on capsules for maintenance purpose. Alongside, talk to our arthritis educators and you have to take sujis as well. It is a very effective thing that is in the form of spray. So, you just spray and your pain will be settled down and the repair requisite from outside will be also be done. Internally, Arthritplus is doing repair. If you will let him do cycling then it would be advantageous. Talk with our team as we will give you an exercise plan also to make your knee muscle strong.

Host: Doctor Gaurav, we were talking about the joint pain and weather earlier.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: The association of joint pain with weather is primarily grouped under rheumatoid arthritis. But some people report that there pain shoots up.  This happens only when proper repair has not been done and thereby degenerative changes increases extraordinarily. It is also linked with atmospheric pressure as per studies. As far as your aunt is concerned, you said that her pain increases when she walks a bit. And when she takes rest, her recovery begins. Her stage is amid osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. When she will recover from now then she will be able to walk a lot, even she could run also.

Host: No, I want that arthritis patients should have a routine since we do work out unknowingly in gyms. Sometimes, we don’t get good trainers and thus, we get injuries. And that injury converts into arthritis. So, you ought to provide plan to our patients in this matter also.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Yes, we are providing this plan. Generally, you hit the gym and have osteoarthritis then you have to emphasize on two exercises specifically done through leg extension and leg press machine. These two exercises affect your quadriceps, muscles above your knees, along with cycling exercise. But take care of one thing that the height of your seat should be adjusted and it should neither be too high nor too short. If it will too high then you may be inflicted with backache and if it is too short then your knee pain may shoot up. That means you have to cycle with full extension of your knee. That will be beneficial for you.

Host: As said, arthritis can be reversed. But if we reach to reversal then should the supplement called arthritplus be taken life long?            

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: Arthritplus does repair work as we are regenerating. And when your joints gain recovery then they work properly lifelong. Then, there will have no need to take arthritplus the whole life after doing its course of 6 to 9 months. Thence, you can take it as maintenance to which you can miss few times as well. There is no problem. It depends on your condition and health. Some people have to take it for long time while some recover within 3 months.

Host: Not only indigenous people but foreigners also call to us who have adopted these food supplements and they are feeling their effect also. But why don’t we get diabetplus or arthritplus on outside counters?  I will seek reply over it but after this call.

Caller III: I am captain G S Rawat from Uttarakhand. My wife has knee problem for 6 and half years and she has no other problem like sugar and diabetes as we have already undergone tests. There is no problem of uric acid and no deficiency of calcium also. As we have examined her in hospitals, the doctors have suggested for knee replacements. I saw your program. I thought that your food supplements will do some wonder for sure. Then, I began giving it to her. Now, 2 months have been passed and she has relief a bit. She can sit on chair easily now. We noticed some progress.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma: The problem of your wife is very critical that was reached to knee replacement. That means her cartilage has been totally vanished. It’s really a very problem since you don’t want to replace the knee via operation. It’s great achievement that she got relief via food supplements. Alongside, I will suggest you to start cycling since her muscles will be strong and the knees will be de-loaded. Regeneration will be much better then. We will send you some exercises and give Sujis also. Afterwards, her condition will be better and she will be able to do work better than before.

Host: Dr, we were talking about why we don’t get DrG wells products outside.

Dr. Gaurav Sharma:  Before this, I want to say you one thing. Some people make their condition worse to such extent that knee replacement is recommended to them. Such patients undergo cuts and implantation of metallic knee, many people complaint that it freezes and no relief in pain, then a patient has to undergo prehabilitaiton and rehabilitation. It’s very expensive and painful process. 4 to 6 lakhs are incurred on treatment and physiotherapy lasts for one month. Subsequent to it, your condition does not improve much. Still, you can’t sit on floor and your walking style turns into robotic. You knee does not bend completely. All these things can be avoided. Take action before. If you have problem in sitting, walking, going upstair and downstair then these are the signs pointing that your degeneration in increasing. Do 3 months course as an attack over arthritis. Now, you asked me why our products are not available off the counters.

When any product does well and is really good then people begin to copy it. And when it is sold in the market people don’t get benefit out of it. So, we don’t want people to suffer. Second, we discard mediators as retailers and wholesalers deduct their charges. Eventually, people have to bear the same cost. We want people to understand the diet plan and exercise plan properly and if you want to have discussion then you can talk to our team. If you don’t want to talk to them then you can send your email to which I look myself. If anybody will not help you then I will ensure you personally as I am very diplomatic in this regard. It is unacceptable for me that anybody gets exempted from recovery.